Time to Update Your Bathroom?

Time to Update Your Bathroom?

Talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor in Malakoff, TX

Are you ready to give your bathroom a long-overdue renovation? A bathroom remodeling contractor at Juan's Construction. can replace your old bathroom with something brand-new. We offer a full demolition service, meaning we’ll remove and replace of all your bathroom fixtures. We can repaint your walls and ceilings, replace your fixtures and doors, install new cabinets and update appliances.
Juan's Construction performs residential and light commercial renovations. Call (903) 681-2804 now to speak with a bathroom remodeling contractor in Malakoff, TX

How can a cabinet installation reshape your bathroom?

Searching for a way to completely transform your bathroom in Malakoff, TX? A fresh cabinet installation can change your bathroom’s:

  • Layout: Relocating or resizing your cabinets results in a new floorplan.
  • Theme: Altering this prominent fixture in your bathroom alters the appearance of the entire room.
  • Functionality: Add more storage with a custom-made cabinet.

Learn more about your cabinet installation options by calling Juan's Construction today.